Extension of a railway axis line


Railway axles are loaded into the individual machines according to the request (routing request) by the gantry loader.
There is a clearly defined type information and a unique axis ID for each axis. The interface to the upstream machine is via a PN / PN coupler.
Each place in the line is assigned a data area in which all axis information is stored (OrderNo, TypeNo, ID, Status, Process, SequenceCounter). The portal reports the axis ID to WimiSoft (MES), which checks its database and then returns the corresponding routing plan, label data and postprocessing parts to the portal.

Our project services:

  •      Cabinet manufacturing
  •      CNC Control
  •      Data exchange for parts data
  •      Part tracking with DMC codes
  •      Safety Integrated Level 2
  •      HMI visualization
  •      MES connection

Extension of a railway axis line


  •      Handling of railway axles
  •      Control: Siemens 840Dsl
  •      Period realization: 8 months
  •      Budget: $$$
  •      Data management via Sentinel "Core"
  •      MES connection