Production lines for clutch and gearbox housings


Automation of a plant for loading processing machines with clutch and gearboxes.

Coupling and gearbox housings are fed into the system in two separate lines via a circulating conveyor (APC). Each of the two lines consists of three line gantries and a circulating conveyor (APC). The control engineering structure and sequence of both lines is identical.

The workpieces are placed manually by the plant operator on the circulation conveyor (APC) on the load carrier. Subsequently, the pallets are transported together with the workpiece to the laser station. After marking a Data Matrix code, the quality is then checked using a camera.
The workpieces are subsequently transported in pairs to the transfer position to a line gantry. The gantry is controlled by a Sinumerik 840D sl, which in turn communicates with an S7-1500 F-CPU. The interface between the loading gantry and the conveyor as well as the processing machines takes place via a PN / PN coupler. For traceability, the workpiece data is sent to an IPC attached to the controller.

Our project services:

  •     Hardware design
  •     Cabinet manufacturing
  •     Software development
  •     HMI visualization
  •     Electrical installation
  •     Commissioning of the system at the customer
  •     Connection to IPC for parts tracking

Production lines for clutch and gearbox housings


  •      Machine loading with clutch and gearbox housings
  •      Control: Siemens 840D sl & SIMATIC S7-1500F
  •      6 x control for line portal + 2 x control for tape
  •      laser control
  •      Cognex camera systems for verification
  •      Period realization: 8 months
  •      Budget: $$$$$