Our continuous growth course is also reflected in our fleet.

In the past few months, we have expanded our fleet with a new truck and a dozen assembly vehicles to ensure that our professional staff always arrive safely and on time with our customers.



HDAO was invited by BAOSteel in Nanjing to discuss Industry 4.0. We were accompanied by a Chinese television team. BAOSteel wants to use the expertise of HDAO in the field of automation in the future.

With the official opening of the new representative office in Nanjing / China, we intensify our activities in China.


HDAO takes into account the good business development in the entire Asian region and at the same time opens up further growth opportunities.

"The demand for automation in China continues to be high and will continue to grow faster than average over the next few years through the Chinese government's" Made in China 2025 "strategic plan. The opening of the representative office in Nanjing marks the first...

HDAO decides to expand the parent company in Germany with a technical center.
For this purpose, a total of approximately € 1.9million will be invested.
The building permit has been granted in the meantime and completion is scheduled for the summer of 2020.

Die Internationale Messe für Eisenbahntechnik TRAKO ist eines der größten und anerkanntesten Veranstaltungen in der Branche für Eisenbahntransport sowohl in Polen, als auch in Europa.